Palette – IU Series

Palette by IU was an album released in 2017. It is a coming-of-age album for IU as an artist in celebration of her past and growth in the future. This series dedicates different promotional elements for the album including: album artwork, tour posters, and mobile Spotify imagery. Personal project, unaffiliated with IU or Palette.

Front&back of CD jewel case.

Back of case & disc

Tour poster with tour dates and venues

Tour poster for singular date and venue, with details.

“Through the Night” – a ballad about sending an evening love letter to a significant other through fireflies

“dlwlrma” – a jazzy song about being an alien from another planet enjoying the here and now on earth

“Black Out” – a song about someone enjoying a party and insisting that they are not too intoxicated to go on

“Can’t Love You Anymore” (featuring OHHYUK) – a duet about a conversation over the phone between a couple discussing how their relationship has lost its spark

Illustrations for select songs from the album, with and without context, unaffiliated with Spotify. 

You can visit the real Spotify page here!