Bloom Series

“Bloom” was a series of illustrations and designs meant for the album “Bloom” by the girl group Celestine. All elements of the album, complete with album artwork, CD design and cover, lyric book, album package box, and promotional posters, are based on a completely fictional album and girl group. The project acted as a way to challenge the artist in illustration&design as well as musically as a hobbyist in musical composition.

Poster that would come with the album package. Teaser schedule for the release of BLOOM’s content.

Pre-made box with custom hand-painted lettering & Album package (including disc and lyric book). 

Origami CD Case & Disc.

Lyric book cover spread. Tour of the inside of the lyric book, featuring self-written lyrics and accompanying illustrations

Unboxing and live lyric book tours.

Highlight medley with self-produced music.